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This has to be the dumbest scene ever. well, one of the dumbest scenes. and I will never support Polarshipping. and anyway, Joey’s got a girlfriend already. my Yu-Gi-Oh! OC, Stacey Muto. and I’d rather see Mai with Valon. and besides, he’s confessed his love and feelings about her.

#ihatepolarshipping #iloveconquestshipping

u ok

I’m seriously about to cry laughing.

Selfish, much?

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30 Day TMNT Challenge - Day 19 Favorite Michelangelo Moment

Another moment based on their family dynamic. Man don’t threaten Mikey’s family he’d fuck you up. That would be why this is my favorite Mikey moment. He was all getting hurt but as soon as his family was threatened he stood up and gave Kluh a right beating.

Stuff like this make me remember ScrewAttack’s TMNT Death Battle Royale. They went over each turtle’s pros and cons…except Mikey. He was immediately written off as a lazy, easily distracted weakling with ridiculous weapons.

Needless to say, I expect and look for bias in their show nowadays.

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I think Mephile is popular because fans will eat up any hedgehog character even if they're an obvious, and total recolor, and to a lesser extent, Dan Green's voice.



Agreed on both points. But then Mephiles also gets his undeserved plaudits because apparently he’s ‘intelligent’ and ‘diabolical’ and, yes, killed Sonic even though it was by the cowardliest and lamest way possible and was not in any way, shape or form believable.

Basically, people want a villain they can hate. Someone who is just plain evil. Mephiles fits that bill.

Moreover, he doesn’t do anything that would constitute a need to team up with the heroes, something Eggman had to do five times (counting that game) up to that point, which harmed his cred, so to speak. People want competence in their villains and to the general public, Eggman’s a boob from his alias and appearance to his voice and methods.

Yeah, the way Mephiles struck down Sonic was lame, but pure evil doesn’t care about sport or playing fair. They just want their goals reached, by any means, especially if it’s the easy way out. We’re not supposed to relate to the bad guy or anything like that. We’re supposed to hate them so we can cheer for the heroes. That’s the bottom line and that is Mephiles’ charm. He was the heartless, ruthless, evil villain the series was lacking, the bad guy Eggman can’t really be, and the 100% dark “hedgehog” Shadow tries not to be nowadays.

That’s why he’s popular. Does he deserve to be defended? No. But I’m doing it anyway so both sides of the matter can be touched upon and acknowledged. Mephiles the Dark is a basic villain in every sense of the word, and was never meant to be anything more than that. And you can bet there are those who want the Doctor to take notes from him, who just want standard unshakable good vs. unacceptable evil with no annoying gray areas to get in the way of their enjoyment.

Further proof that the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom, as a whole, has no clue what the hell they want from this franchise.


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I'm in a poly relationship. My spouse and I are looking to dump our 3rd. Any advice on how not to hurt her? We want to upgrade to a better looking option.


wow… I was all ready to give you some advice on what went wrong with my break up and then I read that last sentence.

maybe don’t be such a superficial shallow asshole? She’s a person!! who obviously has some sort of emotions for you two, you don’t just throw that away for a better looking option. I feel absolutely horrible for your 3rd that she trusted you two enough to open herself to such terrible people as you two.


Humans are not machines you can just throw away for the newest model.

That person needs to be smacked.