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1. Crazy
2. I’d marry you
3. I’d date you
4. Sarcastic
5. I miss you
6. I’d kiss you
7. Beautiful
8. Smart
9. Imaginative
10. Random
11. Jerk
12. Funny
13. Awesome
14. Amazing
15. Tough
16. Cute
17. I’d hit you with a bus
18. I love you
19. Weird
20. Friends forever
21. Marry me
22. You’re mine
23. I never want to lose you

No one’s gonna do this, but, whatevs.

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It’s a shame that Ichigo needs to be lectured on how to treat a lady like Inoue. First Nel about him picking her up and then Yoruichi about him talking about her clothes? Heck, even Rukia made him say the right thing to her after the battle with Yammy. He’s so hopeless, yet Inoue still sees past that.

Well, yeah. He’s been focused on dealing with ghosts, protecting his sisters, putting up with his father, carrying the weight of his mother’s death and being a substitute soul reaper. Not to mention all the “hard work” he’s put into his jerkass facade in order to look cool.

He didn’t exactly have a lot of obvious opportunities to learn how to treat women. If it ain’t explicitly about kicking someone’s butt or looking after his loved ones in the plainest sense, it’s not gonna be on his radar too often. That’s to be expected of your typical shonen protagonist, and Ichigo’s no different.

He’ll learn, though. Being surrounded by such women, he’ll have to learn eventually. ^_^

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Kids Are Given Game Boys, Feel Instant Sadness

Ah, Game Boys. Forget your 3DS and your iPad mini: there was a day when these handheld hunks of 8-bit glory owned the playground. But these kids don’t remember it so watch the full hilarious video of their reactions to the original Game Boy here. 

(Source: The Fine Brothers)

The last kid’s name is Dylan. He knows his stuff. ^_^